A Plea to Joe Torre

Some say that the worst players can do with Joe Torre is either be on his bad side or be a relief pitcher on his good side–Scott Proctor is the latter.  Scott Proctor has the most relief appearances in all of baseball.  Scott Proctor has excellent stuff.  His fastball is sick.  However, just because he is a great pitcher does not mean Joe can send him in every 7th or 8th inning.  He needs a rest too.  They’ve wasted their 7th inning guys’ arms before, it’s nothing new.  Just look at Tanyon Sturtze, Paul Quantrill, even Mendoza.  So my plea to Joe Torre is as follows: Please do not pitch Scott Proctor everyday.  If you pitch him everyday, his arm will tire and he will pitch ineffectively.  He may even need arm surgery like Tanyon Sturtze.  We need Scott for a long time.  He’s an awesome addition to the bullpen so let’s keep him healthy.  He pitched in both games of the double header yesterday, so DON’T PITCH HIM TODAY.  You called up Jeff Karstens for a reason. Use him.  He’s currently one of the hottest pitchers in the international league.  Give him a try.  Thank you very much.


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