Next year’s outfield

Most people will think my idea is crazy but here goes:
Sheffield’s contract is up unless the yankees decide to pick up his 13 million dollar option.  Sheffield is great for the line up; he scares pitchers.  However, he’s not an asset in the field and now we have Bobby Abreu.  Abreu may not have the power that Sheff has, but he’s 5 years younger and makes up for his "lack of power" in other ways.  He’s a great addition to the line up.  Anyway, I don’t think that the Yankees should pick up Sheff’s option.  I think instead of teaching Sheffield to play first base, Don should teach MATSUI how to play first base.  Matsui is a decent fielder, but not great.  Here are his stats:




2003 NYY LF 118 110 997 210 228 11 7 3 .969  
2003 NYY CF 46 46 403 110 113 2 1 1 .991  
2004 NYY CF 3 2 15 4 4 0 0 0 1.000  
2004 NYY LF 160 158 1388 303 318 8 7 2 .978  
2005 NYY RF 4 4 29 6 6 0 0 0 1.000  
2005 NYY CF 28 28 222 54 54 0 0 0 1.000  
2005 NYY LF 115 111 977 219 229 7 3 1 .987  
2006 NYY LF 30 30 251 69 71 1 1 1 .986  

now Matsui has not made a ton of errors but the statistic that sticks out in my mind is the assists.  Melky Cabrera is becoming an incredible left fielder.  He is leading the American League in assists.  He is batting close to .300.  I think Cabrera should be the yankees everyday left fielder.
     I disagree with Joe.  I don’t think the DH is a "resting" position.  I think they need to take the DH seriously.  Giambi should become a full time DH.  Matsui should play first place while righties are pitching and Craig Wilson should play first base against lefties.  That would leave the outfield as: Cabrera, Damon, and Abreu.  It will be better defensively for certain, and maybe even offensively, arguably.




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    I totally agree about Melky. I want Sheff to stay, but I dont think Melky should be removed from leftfield. He is awesome out there… and he’s always coming up with the big plays.

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