And some stats

Here is the breakdown of the red sox-yankees series:

Category Yankees Red Sox
Runs 49 26
Hits 62 50
Average .321 .270
ERA 4.89 9.39
Walks 22 33
Errors 6 2
Pitches 827 944
Pitchers 14 15

The yankees pitching was no near perfection, however, I think the importance of these statistics is the number of walks issued by the red sox as well as the hits and pitches.  Due to the additions of Bobby Abreu and Craig Wilson (even sans Matsui and Sheffield) the yankees have an incredible line up.  They are also incredibly patient.  944 pitches in 5 games is near 200 pitches a game.  Even if they face great pitching, they will still continue to wear down the pitcher and get him out quickly.  The stats will be even more blatant when Matsui and Sheffield return.  Awesome.


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