Can you say sweep?

Going into this series, my only hope was that the yankees would not be swept.  After they took game 1, my fears were quelled.  I never expected to sweep boston. ever (well until the 9th inning after Farnsworth had gotten two outs today).  Anyway, the point is a five game sweep of the bosox by the yankees is pretty much the greatest thing that has happened for me all summer.
     First priority: Lidle.  He is only on a one year contract.  I believe he may have an option so I think that the yankees need to sign him ASAP.He has only had three starts, but all have been decent to good.  He went out today and pitched 6 innings of shut out ball.  How much more can you ask from your 5th starter?  Even if Pavano comes back, the yankees need Lidle.  He can add depth to the rotation full of fragile arms. 
      Anyway back to the sweep.  We cannot believe that the AL east is all but assured.  The yankees still have a difficult stretch ahead playing against the angels, minnesota, and detroit.  They need to stay on top of thier game and take the confidence this series has bestowed them into all of those games.  Boston can never be discounted.  Varitek will be back soon and all will be right in red sox nation–almost.

    I felt vindicated this morning when I opened the New York Times this morning and found an article all about my new favorite yankee MELKY!  Apparently, I’m not the only one who sees his litany of merits.  He cannot be pushed aside.  He has been in indespensable to the yankees this year.  He even got their game winning rally started this afternoon. 

  Also felt vindicated after A-rod made two great plays in the field today.  I’m one of his biggest advocates.  I think people need to lay off him and stop being jealous that he is one of the greatest players of all time as well as the highest.  He doesn’t deserve the treatment he’s getting.  He really hasn’t done any thing egregious.  Go A-rod!


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