A note on Theo Bashing

So the New York Times had the nerve to call Theo the "ex-golden boy" of Boston.  Ok, maybe the sox were humiliated horribly by the Yankees over the weekend, but does losing five games really merit boston fans/papers so easily turning their backs on the very manager that caused that "event" to occur in 2004 (I just can’t say it, it makes me tear up).  Don’t get me wrong, Theo is no Cash or Billy Beane but c’mon.  From the Hartford Courant:
"Red Sox general manager Theo Epstein has taken the brunt of thecriticism for the team’s swoon because he didn’t make a deal as the
July 31 trade deadline passed. He probably wouldn’t be getting ripped
as much if the Yankees didn’t shred Red Sox pitchers this series."
Theo tried to make a blockbuster deal before the trade deadline.  Much to my chagrin (as a "baseball analyst" not yankee fan), he tried to trade Jon Lester, Coco Crisp, and Craig Hansen for Andruw Jones.  Now in my opinion that is a very good deal.  I think it is a better deal for the Braves although Andruw Jones is arguably the best overall centerfielder in baseball.  It was certainly an impact deal although the Red Sox would have faced even further pitching staff difficulties. 
    Anyway, the whole point of this post is what Theo did do.  He somehow got Eric Hinske before the Yankees series.  Eric Hinske was rookie of the year in 2002.  He’s only about a .260 hitter with about 15 HR but I don’t think the numbers say it all.  Hinske is a good ball player.  Somehow Epstein managed to get Riccardi to trade within his division (maybe he hopes it will help the Red Sox and Yankees beat up on eachother and then Toronto will finally go on that "hot streak" it’s been waiting all year…whatever J.P.) for a player to be named later.  Obviously Epstein did something good because Hinske had three doubles in the first game.   
    Yes, Brian Cashman made an awesome deal before the trade deadline which has been a huge part of recent Yankees success.  But Theo tried to make a deal it just didn’t work out.  I even heard rumors he was trying to get the Rocket.  One of the reasons I hate red sox fans is how fairweather they are.  I don’t really think there were this many red sox pre-2004.  Yankees fans aren’t like that–at least true ones.


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