I’m sorry but dropping 2 of 3 to the Seattle Mariners coming off an eleven game losing streak is just unacceptable.  People can argue that Washburn was great or whatever but please.  The Mariners will swing and anything and everything so getting outs should be easy.  However, Randy Johnson is just not the same as he used to be.  Sometimes we can catch glimpses of the Randy Johnson of old but he’s not that pitcher any longer.  He should have had an easy game yesterday with a team playing under 500 baseball but he didn’t.  He struggled through the first few innings.  I will concede to the fact that he pitched a decent game only giving up 7 hits and 4 runs but for a number two starter that is not good enough.  I don’t really think Washburn is a good pitcher I think the Yankees offensive has a sort of shut down mode where they just can’t hit and manufacture runs.  If they think this division is clinched with a 5 1/2 game lead over Boston they are sorely mistaken.  Boston will turn it around.  I’m sure of it.  I feel like the Yanks are coming off this big high and they think they can relax now.  They are hitting the heart of their 21 games in 20 days trip facing the Angels this weekend and then Detroit next week THEY NEED TO GET IT TOGETHER. 
     I’m also upset with the **** they’ve decided to send out there this weekend.  Jaret Wright pitching the first game….Lidle the second…and Karstens the third.  Now I’m not saying that these guys are bad pitchers but shouldn’t they have tried to send their aces out against their "arch nemesis."  I don’t know.   I’m not exactly certain what Joe’s thinking is on this but I think he’s done a fine job in his tenure with the Yankees.  So I’ll let him be.  At least the bullpen has gotten some rest.
    Another note on the bullpen.  The reasons Karstens did not get the win on Tuesday was because Joe insisted on bringing in the overworked Ron Villone.  He has layed off Scott in the last few days but he needs to rest Villone some too.  At least Randy pitched a complete game yesterday.  I’m sure the guys in the bullpen were extatic.  I hope Jaret Wright can at least get through six non god awful innings tonight. please.  Also he needs to concentrate on keeping Chone Figgins in check.  ‘Cause he’s a freaking yankee killer.



  1. Felix

    I dont want to call it a sweep hangover, but thats what it may have been. Not getting key hits when they count is never good. Its good that key guys got some rest as Randy goes 9, but Jarrod Washburn is ****.

  2. levelboss@levelboss.com

    if the Yankees can get through the Angels series without losing too much ground, then i think it’ll be fine; it’ll be back to business next week

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