I’ll openly admit that I was one of those people a month or so back that was angry with Joe Torre’s under-use of Ron Villone.  At that point in time, Villone had an ERA well under 3 and was shutting people down/striking them out whenever he appeared in a mop up situation.  Now that Joe has been depending on him and using him as the 6-ish inning guy, he’s getting tired and showing his true colors.  Villone is a decent pitcher, not a great pitcher.  Tonight, he really screwed up.  Three runs is just not right.  The Yankees offense was again shoddy.  I don’t really know what to say about A-rod.   I think he needs a new psychologist.  I wish they could just send him down to Trenton or Columbus for a week or two so he could regain some confidence.  He is one of the best players in the game, no doubt, but there’s cleary something wrong when he strikes out on three pitches that should have been balls and he can’t throw to second base.  He needs to be dropped lower in the lineup,too, for now at least.  I’m getting really sick of Joe not taking a stand just because A-rod is A-rod.  He’s a  player. He needs instruction.  I’m so angry right now. 
   It was inevitable that the 6 1/2 game lead would mean nothing.  Although Boston is having their share of troubles, they still have that fight that the yankees lack a lot of the time.  The yankees can’t just let the Angels sweep them because the Angels have a winning record against them in the last 10 years.  They need to try to come back strong tomorrow because this is just getting pathetic.




    i’m just waiting for the Anaheim series to be over; after that i think the Yankees can be back on a more regular schedule (of course Moose is on the DL; but then again Sheff and Matsui have been on the DL for most of the season, and the Yankees have compensated)


    Everything is always very gloom and doom when the Yankees play the Angels; the Angels seem to bring out the worst in the Yankees. It’ll all work out fine in the end (I hope).

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