A big break

The yankees could have used a big break after all that has happened over the last few weeks/months.  They got it.  Without playing a game themselves, they have now picked up another game over the red sox.  That is the best possible thing that could have happened.  The ailing team also was off Monday and last night so hopefully they will be rested now.  The Yankees lucked out with Manny Ramirez, Willy Mo Pena, and David Ortiz out of the line up.  Things went sour for the yankees early, now it seems like the same thing is happening to the sox.  I doubt those three will be out for an extended period of time but still it’s negatively affecting their team.
    Oh Carl Pavano…why are you so fragile?  I made the mistakes of somewhat getting my hopes up that he might pitch tomorrow for Jaret Wrong.  Of course he won’t.  He has broken ribs!  From a car accident he didn’t tell anyone about.  ***?!!  And now the guy he hit is claiming to be hurt.  What is with Carl Pavano? Can’t he just be a normal pitcher.  He’s getting 40 milion dollars to sit on his *** and eat candy bars in the dugout.  I didn’t like the Pavano signing when it occurred and I REALLY don’t like it now.  The yanks could have used another guy especially with Mike out.  Jeff Karstens has been doing a very good job but they need a major league pitcher who can replace Wright. 
    The only bad part of this rain out last night is a double header today.  At least Wang is going first.  He’s the best. 
    Someday Carl Pavano may pitch in the major leagues….in the old timers game.


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