Another awesome managerial job

So game 2 of the double header was in the bag.  Somehow Ron Villone and Brian Bruney managed to give up no runs in the 7th and 8th.  A-rod had the go ahead RBI.  Everything seemed A-ok in yankee land.  So then Joe decides to bring in Proctor to close because he believed that Mariano was unavailable this evening.  I could see Mo cringing as he watched what went down while he sat helplessly in the bullpen.  As soon as Proctor put men on base, Joe just should have bit the bullet and brought Mo in for an out or two; instead, he decided to throw the game away.  If they had won that game, they would have created a 9 game lead over the ailing red sox,however, now it is 8.  An 8 game lead can fade as fast as it came just look what happened to Detroit.  At one point they were more than 10 games ahead of the white sox and now they’re 5 and Minnesota isn’t far behind either. 
    I don’t understand why the rest of the bullpen needs to rest except for Scott Proctor.  I could just tell he didn’t have his stuff tonight.  He had been throwing the ball 97-99 mph and tonight it was more like 94-96 which is a very big difference.  If Joe keeps this up, Proctor’s arm will fall off.  He has been indispensable to the yankees; they NEED HIM if they expect to do anything in the post season.
    On a positive note, Jaret Wright had one of his best outings of the year giving up only 2 runs in 6 1/3 WHOLE INNINGS! His longest game the entire year.  All of it was a waste though because Joe decided that grinding out games isn’t important anymore because the sox have thrown in the towel, basically.
    So Pavano has been shut down for another two weeks.  Cashman has said that if he ever comes back this year it will only be in relief.  Awesome.  Pavano was the greatest free agency signing ever.  God, the yankees HAVE TO SIGN BARRY ZITO. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD.


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    Mo would not have been available to save the game after that, plus his elbow is barking. Proctor did get to 2 outs and 2 strikes on the guy so it’s not like he was completely lit up. I was kinda confused when Farnsworth didn’t come in, but they said his back tightened up on him. I think Torre didn’t have much of a choice.

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