My Return

So I hadn’t updated in awhile because I sort of felt badly about praising the yankees and bashing the red sox.  I’ve spent a great deal of time in the past week or so thinking about Jon Lester and co.  I’m happy to see that David Ortiz is back as well as Varitek…etc.  However, I’m feeling incredibly sorry for the ailing Red Sox.  It’s like I can’t really say anything negative.  I have one negative comment though.  I don’t think that it was very nice what they did to Javy Lopez.  At least when he was with the Orioles he had a job.  Anyway…
   After last night, the Yankees now have a 10 game lead in the AL east.  A play off birth is certainly not certain, but it’s looking pretty good.  Wang had another excecllent showing–winning his 17th while giving up 1 run on 8 hits in 7 + innings.  Farnsworth is again pitching rather poorly.  I’m really starting to feel that there are currently other pitchers on the team who are more qualified to pitch in the play offs than him.  I think Brian Bruney has really earned his spot on the post season roster.  I know there’s a debate about him vs Dotel but why don’t we ditch Farnsworth. Yeah right.  I guess that wouldn’t look considering his bloated salary.
   One of the great things about a 10 game lead is the fact that Joe is now resting his lethargic players ie SCOTT PROCTOR (others too).  Yesterday Proctor pitched a third of an inning and his previous outing was Wednesday.  Mariano is also getting some much needed rest for his elbow tendinitus. 
    I’m angry that the Yankees management seems to be belittling the accomplishments of Darrell Rasner and Jeff Karstens.  They have been pitching SO much better than Cory Lidle and Jaret Wright.  In his last outing, Rasner pitched 6 innings and gave up one run.  Karstens last outing was not great (he pitched 5 2/3 innings and gave up 3 runs) but prior to that he had been pretty awesome.  The thing is, I don’t feel like throwing up every time they pitch.  With Lidle and Wright (especially Wright) I always feeling ill and on the edge of my seat.  It almost never looks easy.  What I love about Rasner is that he has such pinpoit control that he DOESN’T WALK PEOPLE.  There’s nothing I hate more than free outs. 
   Good luck to Jaret Wrong today.  Maybe he can get through 6 innings without making me puke. That is all.


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