Ready for a Fresh Start

So I haven’t written in months because I was just way too depressed about he Yankees state of affairs.  I’m starting to like the way Brian Cashman’s moving, however, it made be deleterious for the current team (2007 season).  There is a vast amount I feel like commenting about so here goes:

1. Thank god Cash didn’t trade Melky and Proctor for Gonzalez.  I really didn’t understand the point of that at all.  Proctor has proven himself as a strong and capable force out of the bullpen whereas Gonzalez had one good run and then was injured for the rest of the year.  Whatever, leave it to Atlanta to make a lame to deal for him.  I personally like Adam Laroche and think he’s a fine ball player.  He’s only 27 and last year he was .285, 32, and 90.  I know Gonzalez was 26/26 but after deals like Jaret Wright and Carl Pavano I’m very wary of injury prone players.  Also….Adam Laroche vs. Craig Wilson…hahahahhahaha. anyway.

2. Gary Sheffield.  I know everyone thought Cash was so smooth with that one but I think the smooth one was Dombrowski was the slick dude in this one.  With one small move, he completely transformed his team for next year.  I know everyone was like "Humberto Sanchez blah blah blah" whatever. He’s a good prospect but he’s not great.  He gave up very little and got a great deal.  Even at 38 years old, Sheffield is still one of the best hitters in baseball.  He didn’t get a chance to shine last year do to his long stint on the DL but whatever.  I still have a lot of respect for the guy even if he is kind of a jerk.  IMO, the yankees should have just picked up the 13 million dollar option and forced him to play first base.  Now they are almost completely devoid of good righties (there is still jeter and arod…but arod…yeah) and Mientkiewicz is a lefty and can’t hit for ****.  I’m glad we have a good fielder at first now but that does not solve the problem of driving in runs.  I’m sure Wang is happy though.

3. RJ. I still have no idea how I feel about this deal.  I wouldn’t have been so on  the fence if Cash had made a run at Montero.  They still have no back up catcher thanks to Randy of course.  Everytime I watch a Tampa Bay game and see Navarro i cringe.  I mean it’s nice to have the curmudgeon out of the club so that the atmosphere is better but now they don’t really have a 4th/5th  starter.  I know Johnson had a ****** year last year but that doesn’t take away the fact that he did win 17 games.  Thinking about who the options to be the number 5 starter: Sanchez, Karstens, Rasner, Ohlendorf (?? who knows), I mean I’ll put Clippard and Hughes here but I’m not into bringing kids straight up from AA I think it’s cruel and look how Kasmir is suffering.  Those guys will NOT win 17 games.  But again, I’m glad that BC is looking towards the future and trying to get younger (then why did he try to ditch melky??!?!?!?) whatever. 

25 more days. sigh.




    welcome back.. (quite a stretch of time from your last entry, Sept. 13 lol)

    i think Cashman’s been doing a great job ever since last offseason (from Damon to Abreu to currently)

    as regards Sheffield, i think it was correct to trade him; his numbers were not that great before the injury, and they weren’t great after either; considering that the Bombers have 4 solid outfielders as it is, Sheffield had to be the one to go (a freshman firstbaseman wasn’t gonna fly); hopefully Humberto Sanchez will be inspired in pinstripes and in time show that Cashman made a great deal

    as regards Randy Johnson, again i think it was correct; the dude was not happy in New York, and his numbers last year (5+ era) were bad for $16 million/yr; the Yankee bats had to prop him up almost every time; like with Humberto, hopefully Vizcaino will be inspired in pinstripes

    lastly, the proposed deal for Gonzalez.. i think it would’ve only involved Melky and not Proctor; secondly, if Gonzalez lived up to the hype, then i would’ve not minded the trade; the Yankees need a solid setup guy and one with the potential to eventually replace Mo whenever he would retire; Melky’s way cool, but to shore up the bullpen with a Tom ‘Flash’ Gordon-esque setup guy, then i would’ve been for it

  2. Julie

    Yeah I agree with you I just can’t really gage these trades until we see if any potential comes out of them. Humberto Sanchez has a long injury history which kind of scares me. I’d rate him in the top 5 in the farm system right now but I’m still not sure.

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