Starting Rotation

So I was thinking about it and I don’t believe that the bombers have a number one starter.  I doubt Wang will be as dominant as he was last year unless he learns another pitch.  The power sinker is pretty sick but I really think if he’s going to be a one he needs to get something else.  There are very few pitchers who can own everyone with one pitch (ex. Mariano). 
    Hopefully Pettite’s elbow will hold up and he can pitch like he did that first season in Arizona (and much like how he pitched for all those years in NY).  I was incredibly happy that they resigned him however, he is a question mark.  At the top of his game I’d say he’s a 2. 
    Moose–I hope his arm can hold up too.  If he can hold up and pitch like he did the first half of last season I’d put him at a low 2 high 3.  He’s solid and he can throw any pitch for a strike.  I like him a lot but he’s getting old. 
    Igawa-????  Who knows how that will go. I just hope he doesn’t require time in the minors because that will be a disaster.  If he projects as a number 4 that will be fine.  I just hope he doesn’t require a great deal of bullpen use. 
    Who will be the number 5 starter?  Who knows?  If they sign the Rocket he can hardly be called a number  5 starter so he would definitely be high up in the rotation but I feel like  that’s a far out idea.  I think he would really be disrespecting Houston if he plays for the Yankees again.  Then again his best friend is back on the roster so that’s definitely reason for him to come along for the ride. 
    Out of the minor leaguers….who knows?  Sanchez is probably closest to ready considering he’s already been in triple A.  Clearly Karstens and Rasner are ready but i don’t feel like they get a huge amount of respect.  Philip Hughes has been babied and needs to rack up the innings in AAA.  Tyler Clippard needs some time there too.  Ross Olhendorf could possibly fight for a spot in the rotation but I don’t know…We’ll see



  1. Richard

    Wang is a bonafide number one. He has proven that he can pitch well, can give us innings and his upside potential is unlimited. That, and with a 96 mph sinker, he’ll easily adapt a strike out pitch in time. It’s good that he doesn’t waste his arm piling up K’s, as a grounder on 3 pitches is less stress than a K on 4 pitches.
    I think he’s going to be a star for a long time.



    Wang is a bonafide number two, take the yankee blinders off. Then you have two guys that are 35+ and you mentioned “you hoped their arms could hold up.” Then you have a couple of unknowns and a couple of possible triple-A prospects. Nice job cashman building up a staff that was the teams weak link ’05. Yankees wil be lucky to make the playoffs.

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