Some things to ponder

So I was just reading some info on the weblog pinstripe alley and something interesting caught my eye.  A poll to see who would have preferred Ted Lilly to Igawa.  I’ve debated this a lot and the conclusion is always the same. 
1. Ted Lilly is home grown.  They best yankees have pretty much been the home grown ones at least in recent years.  For instance the world series from from 96-2000.  Jeter, Posada, Pettitte, Soriano, Mariano,etc…
2. Lilly is a known quantity.  You know you’re going to get a decent lefty who will be about a .500 pitcher with an era somewhat over 4.  That is perfectly acceptable for a number 4/5 starter.
Some people may argue that Lilly has attitude problems because of that tiff he had on the mound last year with Jay Gibbons during that game against Oakland.  However, if you know about Jay Gibbons you know he’s rather belligerent (ex. the Shea Hillebrand problem).  Whatever.

Yeah so what I really wanted to discuss was CNN’s list of top 75 prospects.  I’m really not happy with it.  You know fine Delmon Young and Alex Gordon I completely agree with.  However,
Ok first of all…
Just look at this:
I always think the most important quality a pitcher should possess is control which hughes clearly has and Bailey does not.  Hughes completely dominated in double A and consistenly had about 10 Ks/the five innings he was allowed to pitch.  I always get annoyed when a pitcher won’t just throw the freaking ball over the plate (Cough cough Kyle Farnsworth anyone???)  Control has proven to be more effective than pure stuff.  Look at a guy like Greg Maddux–throws junk but has pinpoint control.  Hughes has incredible stuff (mid 90s fastball and sick slider) and CONTROL.
Tabata is in the top 25…maybe he would have been higher if he had not been at low A last year and moved to Tampa I don’t know.  They gave an honorable mention Tyler Clippard.  People don’t give the guy the respect he deserves.  He did throw a no hitter last year if anyone remembers….

Hughes will prove them wrong. I can guarentee it. That’s my rant.


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