Only 11 more days before I’m alive again….

I really can’t wait for the 15th.  There are so many looming questions of what February 15th-April 1st will bring. 

My hopes:
Carl Pavano has really gotten his act together and toughened up.  He gets back into the groove…gets good enough for trade bait.  Cash trades him for some young position players….a back up catcher perhaps?
Honestly, I know Pavano could be a very good pitcher.  He has a lot of potential but I’ve lost all faith in him.  I’d really just like to get rid of him for good no matter how much he’s "improved" himself.  There are plenty of young guys that deserve that number 5 spot a lot more than he.  Perhaps Rasner or Karstens??? Why does everyone discount them?  They both proved themselves to be very capable last year.  On pretty much any other team they could both fight for a 4 spots. Whatever.  I’m sure by this time next year they will no longer be playing for the yankees.

Phil Hughes completely blows everyone away and proves he’s ready to claim his spot in the rotation.  I don’t think this is impossible at all.  I don’t want him to start out in the rotation though I think he needs to make a few starts at AAA to prepare himself, however.

Pettitte proves his health.

Igawa looks like a major league pitcher.

Pitching wise those are the major things.

I’d also like Sanchez to show he’s worth losing Sheffield’s bat.  That would be great.


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