Well that ******

So I feel as if Ted Lilly were pitching yesterday I would not have been so cynical.  My expectations for Kei Igawa were already low.  I mean how good can he possibly be if he’s projected as a number 5 starter.  Suffice it to say I was not impressed yesterday.  After Pavano’s "return" I was semi relieved because it was neither stellar nor horrid so that was fine.  However, Igawa really ****** it up.  If there’s one thing I can’t stand it’s walks.  I’d rather have my starter give up home runs than walks.  Walks are basically freebies and that is not ok. 

So anyway…the point is: After much reflection, I think Phil should start in the majors as the number 5 starter.  There will be very low expectations for him as a number 5 starter…all he needs to do is have a ERA slightly above 4 and maybe win 10-12 games.  That would be fine with me.  Kei Igawa was a pointless investment and I think Cash just did it to compete with the Sox.  However, whereas Igawa *****…Matsuzaka is totally legit. 

About Phil….previously I was completely against the notion of bringing him straight up, however, I was reading something on Baseball Prospectus yesterday and I think they’re right.  Let’s get him up before the injuries etc start.  C’mon….let phil make the team.  I know his first start wasn’t stellar but he showed a command that Igawa lacked even though he was really nervous.

*** is with Big Z guaranteeing a world series????

On another note….I really like Cole Hamels.  I think he has a lot of potential but can someone PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE fix his motion.  He has the make-up for an ace lefty but if someone doesn’t teach him a new motion his arm will go out very soon. 

T-Clip kind of owned yesterday.  That makes me happy. 




    The Yankees would be silly not to start with Hughes in the rotation. The other options have too many question marks, and the Yanks lineup is strong enough to buffer any Hughes learning curve. As a Sox fan, Hughes really scares me. On paper, the Sox have the better rotation and should finally win the division, but Hughes is the X factor. (I actually worry more about the emergence of Hughes than the signing of Clemens.)



  2. Julie

    Exactly. I also think you’re right about the sox taking the division. I truly believe that. Pavano, Igawa, and even Pettitte are really risky. Obviously Pettitte will remain the rotation though.

    Matsuzaka scares me.

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