When I’m right I’m right

Well, I was proved right on two fronts yesterday.

Number one: Phil pitched well.  Although he only struck out one in two innnings, he appeared to be more comfortable and regained his superb control that he lacked in his first appearance.  He is proving that he should kick Igawa or Pavano out of the rotation.  Probably Igawa because if Pavano is healthy, he has 15-18 game winning potential especially on the yankees.

Number two: I’ve been stressing to so many people who I want the Yankees to take as their first round draft pick.  It just makes perfect sense.  Jesus Montero, I repeat, will not be a major league catcher.  My guess is he will be a corner outfielder or a first baseman but the kid is too big to catch.  Soooo…My first round yankees draft pick is: MITCH CANHAM!

I found this yesterday which a discussion between two minor league expert bloggers: http://riveraveblues.com/2007/03/02/minor-league-q-a/#more-33

"I think Oppenheimer has done a **** good job of drafting, he’s used the
Yanks financial advantage by taking risks in the later rounds(Betances
being the big pick up), and they’ve paid off so far. I’d do the Henry
and Kennedy picks again; you can’t argue with taking a high ceiling,
toolsy shortstop and polished college ace, plus Henry’s already served
a good purpose. As far as this year, there’s two names out there I
badly crave: Jack McGreary and Mitch Canham. I’ll go into more detail
about McGreary when I look ahead to the high school draft class, but
Canham is just a warrior behind the plate. The kid looks like he was
made to wear pinstripes. With the potential talent haul stemming from
the 07 draft, the Yanks should have a stacked farm system even if
Hughes, Clippard, Sanchez and Cox graduate to the majors this year."–Mike A.

Yes, that’s right.  Mitch Canham.  I’m praying that they will take him.  He’s solid defense and solid offense.  The yankees have no future catcher..and even if Montero remains a catcher his ETA is 2011.  Posada is wearing down.  We need a guy fast who can start splitting duty and eventually learn to take over.  I think Canham is up to the challenge.  I doubt he will need much time in the minors before he is ready. PLLLEEEASEEEEEE.


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