In a nutshell

As Clippard and Karstens make their cases for not being sent to Scranton and Chase Wright makes his case for skipping AA, a few "studs" are showing their true colors.  Let’s go down the line:

Let’s see….Well Pavano is again proving his non-commitment to the yankees as he skipped his start Friday.  His 22 year old jersey girl "model" fiancee had an undisclosed illness. Whatever that means.

Kei Igawa continues to ****.

Phil stunk it up yet again.  I’m through defending him.  At one point, I revered him.  He personally has ended my worship of him by not exactly being friendly/ or nice when I spoke to him the other day.  The kid hasn’t even pitched above AA yet, does he really have a right to be such a prima donna?  I still have a great deal of respect for his abilities, but it will never be the same again.  He’s showing why he’s going to AAA.  Maybe he’ll even spend the entire year there!

Farnsworth was sick on friday.  Maybe he can actually put it together for a full season..maybe.

Jose Veras is also proving that he should be considered for the major league relief staff.  The kid is a solid ball player.  He needs a shot.

Tabata is the face of the future.  He’s going to be the Yankees franchise.  I guarentee it.  His bat is very special indeed and he’s got a good attitude.  He’s very exciting and mature to watch.


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