Ready for a Fresh Start

So I haven’t written in months because I was just way too depressed about he Yankees state of affairs.  I’m starting to like the way Brian Cashman’s moving, however, it made be deleterious for the current team (2007 season).  There is a vast amount I feel like commenting about so here goes:

1. Thank god Cash didn’t trade Melky and Proctor for Gonzalez.  I really didn’t understand the point of that at all.  Proctor has proven himself as a strong and capable force out of the bullpen whereas Gonzalez had one good run and then was injured for the rest of the year.  Whatever, leave it to Atlanta to make a lame to deal for him.  I personally like Adam Laroche and think he’s a fine ball player.  He’s only 27 and last year he was .285, 32, and 90.  I know Gonzalez was 26/26 but after deals like Jaret Wright and Carl Pavano I’m very wary of injury prone players.  Also….Adam Laroche vs. Craig Wilson…hahahahhahaha. anyway.

2. Gary Sheffield.  I know everyone thought Cash was so smooth with that one but I think the smooth one was Dombrowski was the slick dude in this one.  With one small move, he completely transformed his team for next year.  I know everyone was like "Humberto Sanchez blah blah blah" whatever. He’s a good prospect but he’s not great.  He gave up very little and got a great deal.  Even at 38 years old, Sheffield is still one of the best hitters in baseball.  He didn’t get a chance to shine last year do to his long stint on the DL but whatever.  I still have a lot of respect for the guy even if he is kind of a jerk.  IMO, the yankees should have just picked up the 13 million dollar option and forced him to play first base.  Now they are almost completely devoid of good righties (there is still jeter and arod…but arod…yeah) and Mientkiewicz is a lefty and can’t hit for ****.  I’m glad we have a good fielder at first now but that does not solve the problem of driving in runs.  I’m sure Wang is happy though.

3. RJ. I still have no idea how I feel about this deal.  I wouldn’t have been so on  the fence if Cash had made a run at Montero.  They still have no back up catcher thanks to Randy of course.  Everytime I watch a Tampa Bay game and see Navarro i cringe.  I mean it’s nice to have the curmudgeon out of the club so that the atmosphere is better but now they don’t really have a 4th/5th  starter.  I know Johnson had a ****** year last year but that doesn’t take away the fact that he did win 17 games.  Thinking about who the options to be the number 5 starter: Sanchez, Karstens, Rasner, Ohlendorf (?? who knows), I mean I’ll put Clippard and Hughes here but I’m not into bringing kids straight up from AA I think it’s cruel and look how Kasmir is suffering.  Those guys will NOT win 17 games.  But again, I’m glad that BC is looking towards the future and trying to get younger (then why did he try to ditch melky??!?!?!?) whatever. 

25 more days. sigh.



I just don’t understand.  I’m starting to get extremely angry.  Why does Scott Proctor have to pitch in every game?????!!!?  There are plenty of pitchers in the yankees bullpen now.  Why can’t we bring in say…I dunno…kyle Farnsworth? How come he’s allowed to rest and Proctor isn’t?  I have this theory that maybe Joe is trying to burn out as many 7th inning guys as possible.  THEY HAVE A 10 1/2 game lead LET HIM REST. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD.

My Return

So I hadn’t updated in awhile because I sort of felt badly about praising the yankees and bashing the red sox.  I’ve spent a great deal of time in the past week or so thinking about Jon Lester and co.  I’m happy to see that David Ortiz is back as well as Varitek…etc.  However, I’m feeling incredibly sorry for the ailing Red Sox.  It’s like I can’t really say anything negative.  I have one negative comment though.  I don’t think that it was very nice what they did to Javy Lopez.  At least when he was with the Orioles he had a job.  Anyway…
   After last night, the Yankees now have a 10 game lead in the AL east.  A play off birth is certainly not certain, but it’s looking pretty good.  Wang had another excecllent showing–winning his 17th while giving up 1 run on 8 hits in 7 + innings.  Farnsworth is again pitching rather poorly.  I’m really starting to feel that there are currently other pitchers on the team who are more qualified to pitch in the play offs than him.  I think Brian Bruney has really earned his spot on the post season roster.  I know there’s a debate about him vs Dotel but why don’t we ditch Farnsworth. Yeah right.  I guess that wouldn’t look considering his bloated salary.
   One of the great things about a 10 game lead is the fact that Joe is now resting his lethargic players ie SCOTT PROCTOR (others too).  Yesterday Proctor pitched a third of an inning and his previous outing was Wednesday.  Mariano is also getting some much needed rest for his elbow tendinitus. 
    I’m angry that the Yankees management seems to be belittling the accomplishments of Darrell Rasner and Jeff Karstens.  They have been pitching SO much better than Cory Lidle and Jaret Wright.  In his last outing, Rasner pitched 6 innings and gave up one run.  Karstens last outing was not great (he pitched 5 2/3 innings and gave up 3 runs) but prior to that he had been pretty awesome.  The thing is, I don’t feel like throwing up every time they pitch.  With Lidle and Wright (especially Wright) I always feeling ill and on the edge of my seat.  It almost never looks easy.  What I love about Rasner is that he has such pinpoit control that he DOESN’T WALK PEOPLE.  There’s nothing I hate more than free outs. 
   Good luck to Jaret Wrong today.  Maybe he can get through 6 innings without making me puke. That is all.

Another awesome managerial job

So game 2 of the double header was in the bag.  Somehow Ron Villone and Brian Bruney managed to give up no runs in the 7th and 8th.  A-rod had the go ahead RBI.  Everything seemed A-ok in yankee land.  So then Joe decides to bring in Proctor to close because he believed that Mariano was unavailable this evening.  I could see Mo cringing as he watched what went down while he sat helplessly in the bullpen.  As soon as Proctor put men on base, Joe just should have bit the bullet and brought Mo in for an out or two; instead, he decided to throw the game away.  If they had won that game, they would have created a 9 game lead over the ailing red sox,however, now it is 8.  An 8 game lead can fade as fast as it came just look what happened to Detroit.  At one point they were more than 10 games ahead of the white sox and now they’re 5 and Minnesota isn’t far behind either. 
    I don’t understand why the rest of the bullpen needs to rest except for Scott Proctor.  I could just tell he didn’t have his stuff tonight.  He had been throwing the ball 97-99 mph and tonight it was more like 94-96 which is a very big difference.  If Joe keeps this up, Proctor’s arm will fall off.  He has been indispensable to the yankees; they NEED HIM if they expect to do anything in the post season.
    On a positive note, Jaret Wright had one of his best outings of the year giving up only 2 runs in 6 1/3 WHOLE INNINGS! His longest game the entire year.  All of it was a waste though because Joe decided that grinding out games isn’t important anymore because the sox have thrown in the towel, basically.
    So Pavano has been shut down for another two weeks.  Cashman has said that if he ever comes back this year it will only be in relief.  Awesome.  Pavano was the greatest free agency signing ever.  God, the yankees HAVE TO SIGN BARRY ZITO. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD.

Prayer for Papi

There are not many players in the game that I respect as much as David Ortiz. I think he’s an incredible ball player and really good guy as well. He’s definitely a gamer. My heart goes out to him. I really hope he’s ok and can get well soon. He may play for the enemy, but I have the utmost respect for him.

A big break

The yankees could have used a big break after all that has happened over the last few weeks/months.  They got it.  Without playing a game themselves, they have now picked up another game over the red sox.  That is the best possible thing that could have happened.  The ailing team also was off Monday and last night so hopefully they will be rested now.  The Yankees lucked out with Manny Ramirez, Willy Mo Pena, and David Ortiz out of the line up.  Things went sour for the yankees early, now it seems like the same thing is happening to the sox.  I doubt those three will be out for an extended period of time but still it’s negatively affecting their team.
    Oh Carl Pavano…why are you so fragile?  I made the mistakes of somewhat getting my hopes up that he might pitch tomorrow for Jaret Wrong.  Of course he won’t.  He has broken ribs!  From a car accident he didn’t tell anyone about.  ***?!!  And now the guy he hit is claiming to be hurt.  What is with Carl Pavano? Can’t he just be a normal pitcher.  He’s getting 40 milion dollars to sit on his *** and eat candy bars in the dugout.  I didn’t like the Pavano signing when it occurred and I REALLY don’t like it now.  The yanks could have used another guy especially with Mike out.  Jeff Karstens has been doing a very good job but they need a major league pitcher who can replace Wright. 
    The only bad part of this rain out last night is a double header today.  At least Wang is going first.  He’s the best. 
    Someday Carl Pavano may pitch in the major leagues….in the old timers game.


I’ll openly admit that I was one of those people a month or so back that was angry with Joe Torre’s under-use of Ron Villone.  At that point in time, Villone had an ERA well under 3 and was shutting people down/striking them out whenever he appeared in a mop up situation.  Now that Joe has been depending on him and using him as the 6-ish inning guy, he’s getting tired and showing his true colors.  Villone is a decent pitcher, not a great pitcher.  Tonight, he really screwed up.  Three runs is just not right.  The Yankees offense was again shoddy.  I don’t really know what to say about A-rod.   I think he needs a new psychologist.  I wish they could just send him down to Trenton or Columbus for a week or two so he could regain some confidence.  He is one of the best players in the game, no doubt, but there’s cleary something wrong when he strikes out on three pitches that should have been balls and he can’t throw to second base.  He needs to be dropped lower in the lineup,too, for now at least.  I’m getting really sick of Joe not taking a stand just because A-rod is A-rod.  He’s a  player. He needs instruction.  I’m so angry right now. 
   It was inevitable that the 6 1/2 game lead would mean nothing.  Although Boston is having their share of troubles, they still have that fight that the yankees lack a lot of the time.  The yankees can’t just let the Angels sweep them because the Angels have a winning record against them in the last 10 years.  They need to try to come back strong tomorrow because this is just getting pathetic.